Many gamers are wondering whether the PS5 controller is compatible with PS4, unfortunately, the answer is NO. The PS5 controller is not compatible with the PS4 console, but you can use it on your PC. Once you connect your PS5 to your Windows PC, you’re able to play your favorite PC games on these comfortable […]

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If your PS4 controller is flashing white light, don't worry! Try these 5 easy methods to fix the PS4 controller blinking white problem: Method 1: Try another hardware to troubleshoot. Method 2: Reset PS4 controller to fix PS4 flashing white. Method 3: Start PS4 from safe mode...

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Do you need to simply edit your audio files but don’t want to download software? Sometimes make a ringtone by yourself or you need to make a family video, the need to edit audio files may come up to you. If you only work with sound files this time or a couple of times a […]